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Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is a payday loan?
A payday loan is an unsecured personal loan ranging from $100.00-$1.000 U.S. Dollars. The Loan is required to be paid in full including interests fee's with a maximum extension date of 60 days in most states.

2) What can a payday loan be used for?
You can use the payday loan for whatever purpose you like. Whether you want to pay off bills, emergency situations, or any other unexpected occurences.

3) What do I need to get a payday loan?
To get a payday loan you must be employed (3 months or more), have an active checking account, earn a monthly income of at least $900.00. You must also be a U.S. citizen and least 18 years of age to qualify for cash loans.

4) How long will it take for me to get approved?
Once you submit your application to us a representative will review your application. If the information is correct and "true" and you meet our minimum requirements listed above you will be approved for a cash advance.

5) How do I receive my payday loan?
Once your application is approved you will be notified by email and you will also be called to confirm your requested loan amount. Once U.S. Cash has contacted you we can issue you the cash advance loan via direct deposit.

6) What is the maximum amount I can borrow?
Typically the maximum payday loan amount you can borrow is up to $500. Be aware that other payday lenders may offer you up to $1000.00 but this is against U.S. Law in all 50 U.S. States.

7) Do I need collateral to get a payday loan?
You do not need collateral to obtain a payday loan from U.S. Cash Advance. You can easily get your cash loan simply by meeting our minimum cash advance & payday loan requirements.

8) How do I receive my payday loan?
Once you're approved an e-mail confirmation will be sent to you. We will then follow up with you by phone. The cash advance will then be wired directly to your checking account within 24 hours of your cash loan approval.

9) What if I have Bad or No Credit?
Credit is not an issue at U.S. Cash Advance. There are absolutely no credit checks or application fee's. Your employment is your collateral.

10) When do I have to pay the payday loan back?
Your re-payment is due on following pay period after you have been issued the cash advance. You may choose to extend your cash loan up to 31 days however late fees do apply.

11) If I have a payday loan from another company, can I apply?
No. U.S. Cash does not lend to anyone with outstanding payday loan balances. You must first have your prior loans with other payday loan firms paid in full before submitting your online application.

12) Can I pay my payday loan back early?
Yes. There are no penalties for paying your payday loan off early. We actually encourage this practice. If you are capable of paying the loan amount off early it would more than likely be in your best interest.

13) Do you allow extensions?
Absolutely! Just contact U.S. Cash Advance before your current due date and for a small fee well make arrangements to have your payment extended to the following pay period. It's just that easy at U.S. Cash Advance Loans.

14) Do I have to pay any additional fees?
Depending on which lending institution your payday loan application is sent to, you may be required to pay a lending fee. Fees range anywhere from $20 -30 per $100 that's borrowed.

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Did You Know: Payday Loans can be used for emergency situations to help pay off unexpected or late bills that are overdue.
Did You Know: A Cash Advance Loan is less likely to create unpayable debt like most major credit cards that people own.
Did You Know: The APR rate on a Payday Loan is typically high to cover the default ratios on high risk payday advance loans.
Did You Know: A Payday Advance or Cash Loan can be extended up to 31 days giving you enough time to payoff the debt owed.

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